Certification programs are a vital way of recognizing knowledge, skills and professional expertise, but, during a time of digital transformation, how do you build a program that is sustainable and adaptable to the evolving needs of your organization, stakeholders and the market?

Questionmark Founder and Executive Director, John Kleeman and Sue Martin, Certification Expert and Business Transformation Consultant have just the answer to that! Join us for a 1-hour webinar in which you’ll gain invaluable advice as the two experts walk you through the key steps you should strategically take to ensure you build a comprehensive and cohesive certification program that aligns with your organizational goals and stakeholders.

The session will cover key steps to building a certification program including:

  1. Defining the business objectives and the scope of your certification program
  2. Methods for approaching test design, development and piloting
  3. Security; identifying risks and mitigation considerations
  4. Blueprint and design and test development
  5. Vendor evaluation; controlling the process to identify partners

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About the presenters:

Sue MartinSue Martion is a trusted advisor to companies and institutions across Europe in the area of workforce credentialing, learning strategies and certification. Her career prior to consulting included a role as Senior Global Certification Director for SAP and several regional and global management roles in the testing industry. She has also held several positions within industry institutions, such as the Chair of the European Association of Test Publishers, and is currently a member of the learning & Development Committee at BCS (British Computer Society).

John Kleeman of QuestionmarkJohn Kleeman is Executive Director and Founder of Questionmark. He has a first class degree from Trinity College, Cambridge, and is a Chartered Engineer. John wrote the first version of the Questionmark assessment software system and then founded Questionmark in 1988 to market, develop and support it. John has been heavily involved in assessment software development for over 20 years and has also participated in several standards initiatives: he was on the original team that created IMS QTI and was the instigator and chairman of the panel that produced the Standard BS 7988, which has now become ISO 23988.

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